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Dekorators Stowaway Hidden Fasteners

$195.50 $189.50

Stowaway Hidden Fastener

The Stowaway Hidden Fastener discreetly secures deck boards to joists with a single stainless steel, color-matched screw. The Stowaway screw comes preloaded, making the installation process faster, saving time and money. This system results in a beautiful, smooth and virtually fastener-free deck surface. Deck boards are automatically spaced at proper intervals, and the need for predrilling and countersinking are eliminated.

Slotted-edge deck board

Slotted-edge Profile

Slotted-edge decking gives an undisturbed, fastener-free appearance to the surface of your Deckorators board.

Deckorators® Series offers traditional style and colors with the beauty of owning ultra low-maintenance decking.

*Squared edge available in 16' only, all colors.

**Fascia dimensions 12''x11 1/4x12'