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  • StoneCraft Cobble

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    StoneCraft delivers decisively authentic curb appeal, from its complete range of stone veneer profiles to its ground-breaking Outdoor Living Products Line. They constantly innovate with new products to offer the most complete line of reliable stone veneer solutions. Stone veneer is the most versatile building product available. From light commercial applications in historic districts, to wine cellars in custom homes, to fireplace and water features in hotels and restaurants, StoneCraft’s versatility always brings dynamic style. The integrity of StoneCraft is created by using the ingredients that make up quarried stone, and casting it with natural stone molds. A sustainable mix of lightweight aggregate, Portland cement and natural mineral oxide colors contribute to a product that is able to withstand severe weather temperature shifts. Stone Craft stands behind their product’s innovation and resulting durable beauty with industry-leading warranties and attentive customer service.



    The sandstone textured profile Cobble is roughly chisel-cut into rectangular ashlar shapes. To soften the rugged appearance, the edges are slightly weather worn. Subtle face texture & unique beveling encourage the individuality of each stone. Cobble ranges in size from 2.5"–12" in height and 4"–21" in length. Approximately 10'.