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  • Revere KDAT 2x8 #1 SYP (Kiln Dried after treatment) ground contact rated (UC4A)

    $29.99 $23.99
    Revere™ KDAT Deck Framing

    Revere™ is the finest, premium KDAT deck framing. Not only is it made for composite and wood surfaces, it provides the ultimate in stability, so you can focus less on deck warps and call-backs, and more on the quality of pro-level deck builds.

    Why Choose Revere™ KDAT Deck Framing Over Regular Wet Pressure Treated Lumber?

    1. Drier & Lighter

    80% Moisture Removal Makes It Drier, Lighter & Easier To Handle On The Job Site.

    • Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) Framing Material.
    • Can Be Painted, Stained, Or Sealed Immediately After Install.
    • Dry, Light & Easier To Handle On The Job Site.

    2. Ultimate Stability

    Minimized Shrinks, Cups & Twists.

    • Adds Warp-Resistant Stability For Composite & Wood Deck Surfaces.
    • Less Joist Movement Using Dry (KDAT) Materials.
    • Say Goodbye To Waves in Deck Boards.

    3. Fewer Callbacks

    Happy Customers And Fewer Trips, Visits And Callbacks To Fix Deck Frame Issues.

    • Fewer returns to job site to fix issues.
    • Fewer callbacks to fix issues.
    • Save time & labor costs.

    The Revere™ Premier Framing Advantage

    (KDAT) Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber

    Up to 80% moisture removal leaves you with a drier, lighter piece of wood for the job site.

    Minimized Warps, Cups & Twists & Moisture Removal

    After drying, Revere Framing is sorted twice with all problem pieces removed before arriving on the job site.

    Paint, Stain Or Seal Immediately.

    Revere Framing is KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber). Unlike regular wet/pressure treated lumber it can be painted and sealed right away with no wait.

    Easier To Handle, Saw & Plane

    Revere KDAT is dry, light and much easier to saw and plane than regular pressure treated lumber.

    Better Holding Power For Screws & Nails

    Unlike wet wood, Revere KDAT has better screw- and nail-holding power for your builds.

    For All Composite Deck Surfaces

    Revere Framing is the ideal, stable substructure choice for all composite deck surfaces, as well as traditional wood decking.

    “…our treated wood sales have tripled from previous year’s levels…”
    Jere W. Haas

    Haas Builders Supply, Inc.

    …we’re in our fourth year of stocking…Revere KDAT is still our best selling point...”
    David Albers

    Lampert Lumber, Faribault MN

    “…we quickly learned that our customers LOVED the benefits of purchasing a finish, brown product…”
    Kevin Anderson

    Lyman Lumber – Eau Claire, WI